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Hermione Yoga

Want to start a self practise but don't know how? Want to practise more often but can't afford to? Or did you love that class and want to do it again? Then this app is for you.....

Practising at home alone is difficult, I know many people who have come to classes, literally for years, but just can't quite make the shift to practising alone as well.

Teachers are important, having a kula (community of like minded people) is also important, but practising alone is a place where so much magic and possibility lies. Remember not all magic feels joyful, graceful or even outwardly successful at first - It can feel clunky and vulnerable, confusing or even boring BUT but it really is magic. The magic of metamorphosis. The magic of seeing and feeling and listening to oneself - maybe for the first time ever.


So, this is where Journey Into and I are here to help. 


Journey into is an app where, as one of my subscribers, you will have access to audio recordings of my live classes, as well as video content I will record especially for the app.

You can repeat a class you loved, catch up on weeks you missed, all while developing the skill an awareness of practising alone. Designed by a Yoga teacher as a way for students to make a deeper connection to their existing in person teacher. The idea is you are following a class from a teacher you already know.


The app has now launched and is ready to go via the Apple App store for iPhone or iPad devices for now. Those of you on android it is possible sign up and use a website version


If you are interested in this as a way to practise with me more then you can download the app at the app store now or for more information visit the Journey into website.

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