Want to start a self practice but don't know how? Want to practice more often but can't afford to? Or did you love that class and want to do it again? Then this app if for you.....

I'm incredibly honoured to be one of the founding 20 teachers for the new 'journey into' app launching Feb 2020. This is something different as it is an AUDIO ONLY experience, so you won't be adding to your screen time if you don't want to. It is also designed to connect you to one teacher so you can deepen your relationship with them. Basically I will have the technology to be able to audio record some of my live classes. These recordings will then be available on the app to my subscribers. You will have new classes every week and there will be space for me to add exciting and unique content for members only. 

Having done recordings without a live class there, I am really excited as the energy and content just seems to be, well, better when I am teaching to a room of people. 


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Journey Into