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free flow movement meditation as synthesised by Shiva Rea

(Yoga Trance Dance®)

Experience embodied freedom...

“Yoga Trance Dance is a meeting of two great rivers, yoga and dance, which come from and are united at the source. That infinite creative source is the One uniting us all. Yoga and dance are two of the oldest paths back home” (Shiva Rea 2007)

Music and movement are some of the oldest of meditative tools. The drum beat, a universal symbol of the heartbeat and pulse of life. This monthly event will be a space to experience the meditative union of Yoga, music, free flow movement and dance.

The practice begins with an opening circle to create ritual space, leading into breath awareness and simple movement meditations.

This flows into simple Prana Flow yoga sequences to both warm and mobilise the body -

as well as connect to our bodies innate intelligence to move.

We then shift into free-form movement and high energy dance, then finally deep relaxation to finish. All to regenerate, heal and empower our whole being in natural rhythm and flow.

Relaxation will regularly include a healing sound bath with Tibetan bowls or other sacred sound instruments.

All welcome, no experience of yoga or dance necessary.


 Check East of Eden for full details.


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What they said........

" I attended your Rhythm and Flow workshop on Friday and just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I found it an incredible experience! It was fun, positive, happy and moving. When I left at the end I was only half joking when I said I felt like a different person!

I'd never done anything like it before (I don't even do much yoga), but I'm more convinced than ever that the need to play and to move is inside all of us (and that our contemporary ways of living separate us from that need). 

Thank you so much for running the session so well."


"I absolutely ADORED the workshop last night. I am a trained dancer and yoga teacher so really wasn’t sure what to expect from the trance dance practice but my goodness- it was beautiful and nourishing and everything I want/need in a physical practise. Hermione’s obvious passion and connection to the practice was what made it so accessible and enjoyable- so thank you Hermione.

I would love to do it again!"

- Simone

"I had an amazing time on Friday. I felt uplifted, energised and truly released.

And I kept the dance in me all weekend!! 

I would definitely go again."

- Jane

Thoroughly enjoyed the class and can’t stop talking about the experience to my friends and family. Totally relieving, expressive and free. Energising my mind and body exactly how it needed. The music, environment and Hermione’s guidance and love for the movement was really inspiring and I’d love to do more of this for sure. "

- Megan

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